If you travel to Punta Cana, the excursion offered by xtreme-buggy.com is a must.  Well I should say if you have at least one person who is good at driving a stick and you are cool with getting dirty…. REALLY dirty,   This excursion can’t be booked thru your hotel.   If you visit the tour area of your hotel, you will find some other excursions that are much cheaper.  While I did not go on the other excursions, I do know that you will be in a much larger group, a smaller buggy, will go much slower and will not get as much personal attention.

We booked the all day excursion and chose to share a buggy with another couple.  I was not at all bothered by the fact that I had to share the driving.  There was ample opportunity for everyone to have a chance to drive.   The only thing to be aware of is that you are driving a sand rail.  It is not a burly hummer.  So while you can have a ton of fun, you need to careful with it.  At the begging of your excursion, Charlie will tell you to treat it nicer than you treat your wife.

We stayed at Excellence Punta Cana, which is along the route xtreme-buggy travels, so they were nice enough to pick us up from the hotel.  I think this was also because we were the only people booked for the day.  From the hotel we traveled a short distance before we turned onto a dirt road.  It was not more than 5 min before we encountered our first series of mud puddles.  The initial puddles are much smaller than the ones you will encounter later in the buggy excursion, so my advice, is to get dirty as early as possible, because you are not going to escape it.

After about 15 min we came to a small town where we stopped for some fresh squeezed juice and snacks.  Charlie, our buggy excursion guide, was really good about depicting what life is like in Punta Cana to us and showing us different things about the town.  Life in Punta Cana is definitely different than the US.   It really makes you appreciate what you have.Extreme Buggy in Palm Trees

Next we entered into a palm tree forest situated right on the coastline.  About 15 miles into the forest we found Charlie’s friend who cut up some fresh coconuts for us to drink and try the meat.  I learned the hard way that not all coconuts taste the same.  My wife friends were saying how much they enjoyed theirs, but mine was not so good.  Apparently you can’t tell how ripe a coconut is until you cut it open.  I just happened to get the one that was not quite ripe.  Of well it was still a neat experience.

That was the last stop until our final destination, Harley Heaven.  The roads to this hotel had been pretty torn up by recent rains, leaving behind some pretty deep puddles to ride thru.  Once at the hotel we hosed off and the hotel owner served up some fresh fish, a pesto shrimp pasta, rice, salad, plantain chips and fresh fruit.  After lunch we got into a wagon pulled by 4 Ox and headed down to the beach for a quick swim and then over to a river behind the hotel where we went kayaking.  When we returned from Kayaking, it was time to head back.  We took a slightly different route home.

Anyway, if you travel to Punta Cana, I definitely recommend looking up extreme-buggy.com.

Muddy extreme buggy

This is why Extreme-Buggy is not for people who don't like getting dirty.