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Site Catalyst and Time on Site

When analyzing your web traffic, time on site can be a very valuable metric. However, when using Adobe’s Site Catalyst, you can only track a users time on your site if you also enable pathing. Unfortunately, the creators of Site Catalyst decided to tie the time on site metric to their pathing capabilities. While that […]

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How To Remove Banner Ads

There are a number of different ways to remove banner ads. You could use your host file, you could install a plug-in, or…. before you go down that path, ask yourself a question, “How much would I pay to view this content?” I am sure there are some sites that you would pay to view […]

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URL Escape Codes

Ad Server Redirect issues Depending on the ad server you use, URL escape codes may or may not be part of your every day job. As a Google DART for Publishers (DFP) customer, I encountered this issue only a couple of times. However as a Google DART Enterprise (DE) customer I encountered this issue on […]

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