My friend mentioned that he likes to start at the extreme and disprove it until he gets to something that make sense.  With Inception, he started with the theory that it was all a dream.  Yes, the entire movie was a dream.  When he first said that, I told him, there was no way that everything in Inception was a dream.  However the more I thought about it, the more I started to think… maybe Inception was all a dream.

Most of the items make me think inception was all a dream revolve around Mal.  First of all, every time she shows up, she is trying to sabotage Cobb.  Why would she do that?  If Mal get’s Cobb killed he will kick up.  The last time Cobb remembers Mal, they were in the hotel when she killed herself because she thought that the reality they were in was not real.  What if she was right?

A couple other aspects of Inception that make me question the reality of the entire movie are, Cobb/Mal’s totem and the fact that they said that Cobb was the only person to ever find his way back from limbo.  What makes Cobb so special.  Nothing in the movie suggested that Cobb possessed special abilities that would enable him to find his way back from limbo.  In fact, when he revisited the world that he and Mal built, they never showed how he was able to get out, only that he washed up on the shore again, found Saito and only had 1 bullet.  They don’t show you what happens, only that Cobb and everyone else wakes up and everyone else appears to be fine.  While it is not impossible that he has special abilities, but rather maybe he is just like everyone else and is still stuck in a dream.  This pointed me to my Inception ending theory.

Finally we have Mal’s totem that Cobb is calling his own.  Remember the part in Inception where they said nobody else could touch your totem as only you can know the balance of it.  So if Cobb is using Mal’s totem he knows the balance as well and now has the ability to impact the results of spinning it….

I am sure there are many other clues in Inception that suggest the movie is a dream and I am sure that there are things that you saw that invalidate what I have said here.. .either way Inception was a great movie and you should definitely go rent or buy it: