When Inception ended, the entire audience yelled, “aaaaawwwwww” .  Maybe it is just me but is it really a mystery?  The primary giveaway, or primary flaw in the movie, is when Cobb comes home, his kids are in the same location, the same clothes, same time of day… Everything, related to his kids, is exactly as he remembered and they showed throughout the movie.  So either Christopher Nolan (writer) is messing with us, or the end is clearly a dream.  After being away for a while, of course we all wish we could go home and thing are exactly as we remember, but the reality is, things always change.  So what about the rest of the items that are different… how does Cobb now know what his kids look like when they turn around? How does he have Mal’s totem?

Inception was clearly very well thought out.   Everything in the movie was purposely placed there.  So remember  when they introduce Cobb’s dad?  Why did his dad need to teach him everything that he knew.  Nolan needed a way to connect Cobb to his family.  Someone who could accurately architect Cobb’s home as it was when he left.    Without the link to his father, the ending would have needed to be completely different.  So my Inception theory is that the ending is a dream, that is architected by Cobb’s father.

So why would Cobb’s father leave him down there and not help to bring Cobb back up?  If Saito fails to make it back, there is nothing for Cobb to return to.  So Cobb’s father identifies what would put Cobb at peace, creates the reality, guides Cobb there, and leaves him.  That said, what is the deal with Mal?  Why does Mal keep trying to sabotage Cobb?  It’s a stretch but was Inception all a dream?.