I was recently in the market for a good digital thermometer.  The first one I got was from Walmart and it touted a very quick read.  I think it was a thermometer made by Vicks.  While it did do that, if I took my temperature multiple times, it would always vary by .5 degrees.  While that is not much, if I am going to use a thermometer, I at least want it to be consistent.  So I went out and purchased another digital thermometer and it produced the same results.   At that point I started to research thermometers trying to find the best thermometer.  Well maybe not the best thermometer, but at least a thermometer that has consistent results.  During my research I learned that you general thermometers are designed to be less accurate.  The thermometers are mostly for giving you an indication of where your temperature.  The normal temperature of the human body is 98.6, how often is your temperature exactly that?  Even if the thermometer reads 99.1, I would not think much of it.  However if I take my temperature once and the thermometer reads, 98.6 and the next time the thermometer reads 99.1, I am going to question to validity of the results.

I then learned about basal thermometers.  These thermometers are designed to measure a .1 degree change in your temperature.  They are generally designed to help track your menstrual cycles but they can also be used determine if you have a fever.  Only catch is they are often much more expensive.  Basal thermometers are generally more expensive, but that is probably because they are more accurate.  I ended up buying a BD Basal Thermometer and have been very happy with it.  I tested the results of the thermometer with a mercury thermometer and they produced very similar results.  The best part was no matter how many times I took my temperature, the thermometer would always produce the same results. So if you are looking for a good thermometer that you can trust, I recommend the BD Basal Thermometer.

Note: No matter what thermometer you purchase, be sure to test the accuracy of your thermometer as your results may vary from mine.