If you are like me, finding the perfect gift for someone is always a struggle.  I often find the gift giving process even stressful at times.  This problem gets even worse when the person you are buying a gift for doesn’t need/want anything in your price range.  Surfers are no exception to this rule.  Surfers are quite possibly the most difficult people to buy gifts for.  If you have the money, a new surfboard is always a great gift.  Only challenge is a new surfboard will run you around $500-$800.  Another great gift for a surfer is a wetsuit.  While wetsuits are cheaper than surfboards they are, by no means, cheap.  A good wetsuit will run you $300 to $500.  That takes care of the two obvious gifts, but what if that is too much?  You can’t afford to spend $300+ but you want to find the perfect gift for the surfer in your life.  Now what?

My recommendation, the best gift you can give a surfer is a private surfing photo session.  The reality is, most surfers have never seen themselves surf and even fewer have photos of themselves surfing.  The best part about this gift is it is a one size fits all.  There are no worries about it not fitting, or being the wrong color, or even the wrong style.  This gift is sure to be perfect for that special surfer in your life.

So at this point you are probably saying,”That is the perfect gift, how do I find a photographer to do this?”  My best recommendation is to check out http://www.customsurfingprints.com.  Last I checked, the site was still under construction, but the site is ran by a professional surfing photographer in San Diego and offers private surfing photo sessions for about $50 per hour.

If you don’t like this idea…. well good luck to you in finding that perfect gift!