Breakfast in Maui is not hard to find, but finding a good breakfast at a reasonable rate can be, especially if you are staying in Lahaina. If you check out Yelp, you will likely find the Sunrise Café as the best rated, cheapest place around for breakfast. We tried there and I would have to say the breakfast was ok. It is a very small place in the heart of Lahaina and is very easy to miss. If you are looking for a quick meal, do not go here. There is only a single grill and a single cook, so look around before you sit down. If there appear to be a lot of people still waiting for food, don’t expect to get your food for at least 30 min (after you order).

Sea House Restaurant View

View from the bar at the Sea House Restaurant.

Anyway, my recommendation is to skip this place and drive up the coast a bit to Napili Bay and try the Sea House Restaurant. You will find it just past the highly sought after Gazebo Restaurant. The Sea House Restaurant is beach front in the northern corner of the bay. Easiest way to get there is to walk onto the beach at Napili Bay and walk north. Otherwise you can walk thru the Napili Kai Resort.
If you arrive late you will find most of the beach front tables taken, but the seats at the bar will most likely be available. Even if there are beach front tables open, I still recommend sitting at the bar. The bar windows frame the view perfectly and provide a pretty surreal sensation. Because you are inside, you could be anywhere, but then directly in front of you is an image so perfect, you can only think it to be fake…. But then you realize you are there, it is real and you get to enjoy it all while eating breakfast.

Of course the next question is, how is the food? Both my wife and I enjoyed everything we ate there and none of our breakfast bills were over $20. The food at the Gazebo restaurant may be better, but it is also 2 or 3 times the cost and extremely busy. We skipped trying it and instead ate at the Sea House on a number of occasions. So if you are in Maui looking for breakfast, head straight for the Sea House at Napili Bay.

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The view from the bar at the Sea House Restaurant