If you are anything like me, finding your keys or you wallet can often be quite a challenge. The funny thing is it really should not be so hard to keep track of your keys and wallet, but I find some of the strangest places to put them. Now that I have a son, who loves to play with my keys it is even harder to keep track of them. I was so thankful that one of my friends introduced me to the Tileapp.

The tileapp is a small device that can attach to any key ring, adhere to any flat surface or be placed inside any wallet or purse. Then if you ever lose keys or wallet or whatever the tileapp is connected to (or in), you can log into the tileapp app from any phone and track your item. If the item is completely gone, you can declare it lost and now all active tile apps will be used to help triangulate the location of your item.
Some of the more interesting uses of the tile app are:
* Some people put it in their luggage to better track where there luggage goes and whether or not it made it into the underbelly of the airplane.
* Stick it under your bike seat in case you are worried about it being stolen.
* Are you always leaving your kid’s things at friends houses? Stick a tileapp on or in it.

At $25 per tile, it is an affordable gift for anyone. When I posted this article, amazon had 4 tiles for $70.